Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Must Read: Mark Levin Interview On Breitbart News

This is a fantastic interview, and it is really a playbook on how to restore liberty to America. Levin is very smart, and he is a Constitutional absolutist.

I am certainly no expert in American constitutional affairs. However, what I have read certainly does convince me that the American constitution is one of the most magnificent documents in human history, and it certainly does contain the incredible wisdom and foresight that the Framers intended as a shield against tyranny.

Government statists never surrender their power. Government just encroaches on more and more aspects of the citizenry's lives.

I am really looking forward to reading Levin's new book. As a start though, for a taste of his arguments, read the whole interview. Kudos to Breitbart for a very intelligent interview that really allows the reader to get a sense of the issues that are at stake and the tangible solutions that are available-as suggested by Levin.