Friday, August 2, 2013

"Progressive Ideals Are No Substitute for Jewish Values"

Thank you!

This is an incredibly well written article by a very smart Jew who gets it.

There are so many good nuggets in here, I can't decide which are my favourites. I urge you to read the whole thing.

He articulates the terribly mistaken, evil and idiotic positions taken by Jews who insist that they are still living by Jewish values, when by their actions and words-actually have aligned themselves with the enemies of the Jewish people and the entire Western world but I'll post a few. 

"There is an enormous gap between traditional Jewish values and many of the partisan sacred cows that have become articles of faith for progressive Jews and the nontraditional movements.  What is so confounding is their allegiance to political beliefs that are not simply at odds with traditional values, but often antithetical to Jewish continuity and survival. "

"Jews who support organizations that rationalize anti-Semitism, deny Jewish history, or falsely accuse Israel of apartheid, are in fact trampling Jewish values.  There is no theological or philosophical imperative for Jews to dignify religious dogmas or political agendas that are absolutist and intolerant.  Progressive Jews who justify dialogue with Islamists and Israel-bashers as being consistent with the spirit of Jewish self-reflection or tikkun olam understand neither concept and live in a fool’s paradise."

"There is simply no way to reconcile genuine respect for tradition with empathy for those who denigrate Jews or seek Israel’s destruction.  To claim otherwise would be analogous to justifying the appeasement of Nazism during World War II as a legitimate expression of American patriotism."

"Sadly, the substitution of secular politics for authentic tradition has actually weakened Jewish identity, as reflected by the growing acceptance of intermarriage and assimilation in the name of “inclusiveness.”  Indeed, in a bizarre twist the Reform movement has been debating whether to accept intermarried rabbis. "

"Clearly, the obsession with inclusiveness has made it acceptable to tolerate positions that threaten Jewish survival, and also to view hatred of Israel through the prism of moral equivalence.  This obsession, however, is not a Jewish value."

And now for the perfect example.

I guess all those years, when we were told that the Holocaust was unique, and that nobody should abuse the term "genocide", I guess that was all a lie?

Using the word genocide now to describe Canada's treatment of Aboriginals is not just crazy, not just hypocritical, not just an attention-whoring and despicable accusation but it is a despicable and heinous insult to the memory of those who were murdered in the Holocaust and those who survived it, including Bernie Farber's own father.

I sure hope the salary he is pulling in this Aboriginal gig is worth this utterly revolting and unforgivable act of desecration.