Friday, August 9, 2013

Real War on Women: Palestinians and Underage Marriage

This will likely be blamed on the JOOOOOOOS, but for what it's worth, this is a dreadful story from the barbarians of Gaza. 

I was taken away from my small toys, taken out of my school forcibly and delivered to my husband whom I had only seen once, in front of the judge who officiated my marriage contract,” she added."

"Mariam recently ran away from her husband’s house and returned to her father's, after concluding that she could not bear to stay with her husband. He dates other women under the excuse that his wife is young and thinks like a child, not living up to the intellect of a man of his age. Mariam’s husband also beats her whenever they have an argument."

“When I told my father about this, he told me, ‘This is normal and most young people are facing such a situation these days,’ but I did not accept it,” she said."