Thursday, August 1, 2013

Solway: When Culture and Politics Converge to Destroy

Great article-very complex, enjoyable and apt. 

"From the standpoint of societal ruin, what is most alarming is the calamitous ideological conjunction that occurs when a corrupt and declining culture and a totalitarian-oriented politics coincide and begin to collaborate affectively and intellectually. Such an alignment is very difficult to resist or transform since the one reinforces the other so intimately and seamlessly that what emerges is a unified entity, an impregnable imaginarium or what we might call a politiculture."

"This is precisely what appears to be happening in America today, where government, the academy, the legacy media, the entertainment industry and a ubiquitous left-liberal constituency — that is, the political apparatus and the major cultural institutions — have come together to form a monolithic bloc overshadowing and, in effect, controlling the life of a nation."

Read the whole thing!