Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Steyn Audio: American Decline

This is a great interview with Mark Steyn, and I really liked the interviewer as well, she's really smart.

Listen to the whole thing.

Andrea Tantaros had excellent questions, and she actually asked them thoughtfully and gave Steyn a proper opportunity to answer in full. Lots of great nuggets in this interview if I do say so myself.

One of the best bits was Steyn's observation that decades after the fall of the Iron Curtain, that is to say at a time when Russia (the former Soviet Union) is no longer a superpower, nobody in the world is shooting up or blowing up Russian diplomatic missions.

Putin is a tough KGB thug and nobody is messing with his people. The message is clear-terrorists know that they can attack Americans, American diplomatic missions, and ambassadors with impunity and nothing will happen.

Obama's people in the Middle East are sitting ducks.

Putin's people in the Middle East are-it would seem-bullet proof.

Lesson learned: nobody f&cks with KGB Vlad.

So, the idea that it is some kind of sanction or punishment for Obama to cancel his manicure manscaping golf game summit with Putin because of Edward Snowden is utterly laughable and ridiculous.

The jihadis think we are pathetic and impotent-and you know what-with a guy like this in the White House, they are right!

I can hear KGB Vlad laughing all the way from Moscow.

PS: I think Steyn called Obama a "parochial narcissist"-it might have been an even more epic dig, I have to listen again-that's just from memory!