Monday, August 19, 2013

The Hagiography Of Jack Layton

So scaramouche found this vomit-inducing little piece on St. Jack of Dundas Rub.

Here are my observations. First of all, Jack looked very, very sickly when he died. No cause of death has been revealed but he really, really and I mean  REALLY did look like late stage HIV/AIDS patients. So, Jack was very skinny and gaunt and sick looking-contrary to Olivia's propaganda here.

I'm not the only person alive who thinks Olivia is a beard. Can't put your finger on it? In it?

On it, in it-what's the difference??

But this piece?

Good grief.

Such unfortunate phallic phrasing and ghastly image altogether of Jack "riding" anything.

"Rubber gives you much more accurate detail..."

"We are really proud of doing a national figure who has tugged on the heartstrings of everybody in Canada..."