Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The IRS Scandal is An Attack on Political Speech

This is a very good explanation from the Wall Street Journal about what the IRS scandal is really about. 

It's about left wing groups, who are in power now in America, using a very powerful regulatory body (some might even say the most powerful national regulatory body in America) to silence their political opponents.

Here is what the culture of non-profits has become:

"...the IRS scandal is part of a long-term assault on First Amendment rights. Thanks to "campaign finance reform," citizen groups must navigate a maze of government paperwork and apply to the IRS for a tax license to speak on politics. People literally need a lawyer to figure it out, and not just any lawyer, but one from the highly compensated and mostly Washington, D.C.-based bar practicing "political law."

Here's why: 

"Democrats want the IRS to require the conservative groups to register as political committees under Section 527. This would increase their regulatory burden by requiring them to file quarterly or monthly reports detailing their receipts and expenditures. It would also force them to reveal personal information about their supporters and members, enabling government retaliation and laying the groundwork for unofficial harassment of those supporters. Such harassment has become a routine tactic of the political left, especially since it was successfully used to target financial supporters of California's Proposition 8—which banned same-sex marriage in the state—to get them fired from jobs, for instance."

Americans, and anyone living in a democracy should participate in civil society and use their talents, money, influence-whatever tools they have at their disposal, to "make a difference". But there is no G-d given reason why these activities must, or even should be tax exempt, or tax deductible. 

There is an entire industry, an army of lawyers that feeds off this culture, never mind the hundreds of thousands of non-profit workers and executives and little foot soldiers who make a living this way as well. 

People who want to put their money toward a cause should do so, but having government (i.e a bunch of people just like you and me) decide what constitutes legitimate political activity, or pass judgement on one's ability to decrease a tax burden because of political donations is just ludicrous and has created yet another  devious and intricate way for the political left to mobilize and punish conservatives. 

We know conservatives would never do the same thing to the left-it's an asymmetrical war. 

But as Michelle Malkin said so brilliantly last week: conservatives who get into the snake pit have to EXPECT TO GET BIT. 

Conservatives: Get the hell out of the IRS snake pit.