Monday, August 5, 2013

Would He Like to Throw the Ball?

Did you ever think that by just asking a simple question, you could make someone's day?

Have you ever thought about the fact that by putting a few words together, and by asking a pretty innocuous question, that someone-a perfect stranger-would be able to accurately asses your character and determine in those few words that you were a mensch?

It was street basketball time, toward the end of sunny Sabbath afternoon. A bunch of boys playing, shooting hoops. No they do not need a drink! No they don't want a snack, no Mom we're not coming in!

The hours went by and I walked over as dusk was approaching to fetch one of my kids. My special needs son was in his special needs stroller. We pulled up to the house and waited for the game to end.

There was a Dad informally supervising, and his kids were hanging out in a stroller in the driveway. He smiled at my special needs son and I smiled back. We stayed out of the way. The rest of the adults were in the house, but I didn't want to go in. So we just waited.

A new game was about to start and the boys lined up.

The Dad looked at me and at my son, and smiled again.

"Would he like to throw the ball?"

I almost couldn't believe he asked. I said oh no-he's good just sitting in his stroller.

But I was taken aback by his kindness. It was so unexpected, but so genuine and refreshing-I was a bit stunned.

"Are you sure, because they will all wait till he throws, and I'll help him."

I said that is so sweet, but he's OK just sitting here and watching for now.

When the game started he told me that his brother had run a camp for special needs kids in Florida, so he was always around special needs kids.

I said that was really nice to hear.

The game ended, his wife came out to collect the kids and to walk back to where they were staying.

As we walked away, I stopped to say thank you for being so kind to my son, it was very sweet of you to ask.

He said there's always room and time for him.

What a good soul.