Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Major Free Speech Victory in America: How One Person Can Make a Difference

As the great Mark Steyn always says, you better pay very close attention to the people who are telling you to shut up.

And if they tell you to shut up, you have to say: NUTS TO THAT.

This is an excellent example of how one individual makes a difference.

One must never get discouraged or leave the battle to "someone else".

Because when you say "someone ought to do something about that", that someone is probably you.

One, single, Christian student has simply BLOWN UP the Orwellian, First Amendment-crushing "free speech zones" on Virginia college campuses.

“When plaintiff Christian Parks, a student at TNCC, sought to preach and discuss his religious views in an open, outdoor plaza on campus, TNCC officials required him to stop in part because his speech might offend someone,” his lawsuit read in part."

"It continued, “Defendants took these actions because of the content and viewpoint of Parks’ expression, because they feared his expression would prompt complaints, and because they wanted to pacify those who might be offended by his expression.”

"The Virginia Community College System has agreed to pay Parks $25,000 and has eliminated its so-called “free speech zone” policy, which relegated student expression to specified areas."

"The regulation, which was suspended in April, had been in practice since 1968 on the school system’s 23 campuses."

That is a brilliant, forceful victory and a model to emulate.

A totalitarian regulation had been in place since 1968, courtesy of some grubby, lefty hippies no doubt.

One student pulled the whole house of cards down.

This guy deserves a free speech medal.