Thursday, June 26, 2014

Celebrate Pakistani Culture in America

You know you want to!

Marrying your cousin is a good thing in this culture.

Marrying the wrong cousin is a death sentence. Imagine that?!?

This cultural export is now all over the world. It is one thing that Pakistan has successfully exported to most Western nations. How lovely.

With the honour/shame, tribal, control-women's-sexuality culture comes the other natural result, which is a surge in the births of severely disabled children. These disabilities are PREVENTABLE and not spontaneous, and are a direct result of consanguinity. 

However, tribal bonds and family honour are more important, disabled children be damned. And it's the infidel taxpayer that has to pick up the tab for care so no big deal, right?

"The daughter of a Brooklyn cabbie wept uncontrollably as she faced her father in a federal courtroom where he is on trial for conspiring to murder her lover’s relatives in Pakistan because she had spurned an arranged marriage."

"Amina Ajmal, 23, took the witness stand to testify against her father, Mohammad Ajmal Choudhry, who faces life in prison if he’s convicted of orchestrating the so-called “honor killings” half a world away."

From the NY Times: 

"A Brooklyn woman said she was held captive for three years in Pakistan by relatives who threatened to kill her if she did not marry a Pakistani man. After the marriage, she escaped with the help of the American Embassy last month and came to a secret location in the United States, away from her father, who had ordered the union, she said"

Via FrontPage