Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Must Read: Forced Marriage-The Survivor's Tales

This is a harrowing read from The Telegraph. 

Forced versus "arranged" is an important distinction of course. Forced means no choice. In arranged marriages, both the man and woman (theoretically) have a choice to decline the match.

I would like to point out how clearly this piece demonstrates culture and religion trump geography and host culture. Meaning, the girls who were sentenced to arranged and abusive marriages grew up in Western countries, yet their entire existence was in a religious/culture bubble. That's probably the most frightening part of this article from a philosophical perspective. It shows the failure of multiculturalism, reveals the cowardice of the West as people are unwilling to admit that our culture simply is superior.

The other part of these stories that is horrifying is how culture and religion trump a mother's and father's love for child.

Honor before child. That is barbaric and primitive.

A mother referring to her daughter as "damaged goods" made my hair stand on edge.

"The first time I saw this man was at the ceremony,” she continues."

“On our wedding night he raped me. When I told my mother this the next day she said, 'It’s the husband’s prerogative if he wants to have sex.’”

"Married life worsened for Khan after she returned to Britain and her husband was granted indefinite leave to join her."

“He became controlling and violent,” she says.

“I had to dress in a hijab, behave like a good Pakistani housewife, even though I was tired from going out to work every day.”

"One day, after Khan had fled another violent row at her marital home, her parents gave her an ultimatum."

“My mum told me to make my marriage work or to get divorced and marry an older man. She said, and I remember this clearly, 'You’re damaged goods now. No one else will want you.’”

"That night Khan tried to commit suicide."

 “I slashed my wrists across, the way they show it on TV dramas, and I just sat there, crying.”