Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Must Read: Liberal Privilege and the Lies of the Left


This guy for public office!


"Liberals do not seem to recognize the special treatment they receive. They actually believe they are nicer and smarter than others as a result of having been allowed to get away with this conceit."

"Liberals, because they are liberal, assume they are more compassionate than anyone who disagrees with them. From elementary school on, they are praised for their concerns about the welfare of others — even though this kindness is only manifested in verbal declarations."

"If liberals decide to enter politics, the effusive praise is ladled on with a bucket. They quickly learn being liberal means they never have to say they are sorry. Whatever mistakes they make will be blamed on their opponents. That they have good intentions is sufficient to merit adulation, no matter what the outcomes."

"Liberals can destroy the economy, but hey, no one could have done better. They can undermine the national security, but at least they were showing the appropriate humility. They can drive their country into bankruptcy, but this only confirms their compassion."

"If one is a liberal, any nasty thing one might say about an opponent is passed over in silence. The cruelest invective is regarded as appropriate, given the sins of the target. Even vulgarity is excused because it emphasizes the understandable passion of the speaker."

Via The College Fix.