Monday, June 23, 2014

American Priorities: UPDATED WITH STEYN!

Ambassador Chris Stevens was unavailable for comment. 


This just in!

Mark Steyn on Border Guards Then and Now

"If you had asked me, in that cafe in Rutba 11 years ago, as I was enjoying what passed for the "mixed grill" with mein host, what utter defeat would look like in a single image, it would be the scene that now greets you in the western desert: An Iraqi border post staffed by hardcore jihadists from an al-Qaeda spin-off. The details are choice - the black flag of al-Qaeda flies from buildings built by American taxpayers, they drive vehicles paid for by American taxpayers, they shoot aircraft out of the sky with Stinger missiles donated by American taxpayers - and thousands of their footsoldiers are nominally Britons, Frenchmen, Aussies, Canucks, Americans and other western citizens for whom the open road in Iraq, decapitating as they go, is the greatest adventure of their lives. But, as I said, these are details. The central image - the al-Qaeda man at the border post - is in itself an image of complete and utter defeat."

As noted above, America is too busy worrying about sexually diverse diplomats to actually, you know-pay attention to world affairs.