Friday, June 27, 2014

Must Read: How to Control the Out of Control IRS Bureaucracy

This is a good read. 

Via Instapundit. 

This sentence really nails it:

"Bureaucrats can be smug because they lack consequences. They have no “skin in the game.”


"In America’s first 100 years, federal officials could be sued in state courts for acting beyond their authority. In his book Creating the Administrative Constitution, Yale law professor Jerry Mashaw chronicles how this helped temper bad behavior."

"Law professor Glenn Reynolds over at Instapundit is among those who believe that government officials need more civil and criminal liability for their bad acts. There are some private remedies on the books, but they are too weak to be effective."

"The way to control this epidemic of government law-breaking is to allow citizen victims to sue, and legislate personally liability for bureaucrats guilty of willfully illegal conduct."

"Until government bureaucrats face the consequences of meaningful remedies, they will continue to act like America's untouchable class."

This is the case for all bureaucracies, even in "civilized" countries such as America and Canada. The bureaucrats never feel any personal pain as a consequence of their behaviour, good or bad judgement.  

This is particularly acute and egregious within the child-welfare system, but not limited to that. The tax collection agencies, and now even socialized medical bureaucracies can be included in this. 

It's epidemic, expanding, always anonymous and always unpunished. 

That's got to stop.