Friday, June 13, 2014

Neo-Nazis Kidnap Three Jewish Teens in Israel

The real neo-Nazis have kidnapped three Orthodox Jewish teenagers in Israel.

The Palestinians are barbarians, looking to harm and maim as many Jews as possible, trying to create as many bereaved Jewish families as possible in their lifetime.

There will be no sad-faced FLOTUS Tweet.

If Obama had a son, I guess he would certainly not look like a Jewish teenager from Israel.

This is a horror. This is the reality of Israel. This is the reality of being a Jew. It is life in hell for these boys and their families.

The Palestinians have learned, as they always do that terrorism pays. Jihad pays.

This is not a Jewish issue.

Anything and everything that happens to Jews will happen to the West in good time, in short order. 

Every single act of terror that was started in Israel and against Jews in Europe has found its way into our cushy, easy North American lives. Every single type. 

The neo-Nazi jihadists are not ashamed of it, they are proud of it.

Listen to them and what they say and take their words at face value. 

The Nazi spirit is alive and well. The Judenhaas is real.

Ignore it at your peril.

G-d help us, G-d help the IDF find them and return them safely to the loving arms of their families.