Thursday, June 12, 2014

Smart Rabbi Explains Slooooowly Why Cantor Lost

This 'he lost because he is a JOOOOOOOOOO' stuff is total and utter dogsqueeze.

It's so funny how the left has all of the sudden become so compassionate about a Jewish Republican.

I question the timing! 

The good Rabbi explains:

"Mr. Cantor, as House Majority Leader together with Speaker Boehner, did not seem to share the alarm that many of us do. In effect, an invasion is happening to America and the weapons are not bullets but the ballot box: Democrat leaders are orchestrating an influx of illegals to use the ballot box to install socialism and permanently maintain the power of the Democrat Party. Their eligibility to vote is often suspect, but legitimate challenges are shot down by invoking the tried-and-tested accusation of racism."

"Mr. Cantor lost not because people decided to “throw the bums out.”  He lost because he, in this particular primary race, became the national symbol of a Republican Party unwilling to represent our people in our need to stop a corrupt and dictatorial President and his party."

"Never in our lifetime have we witnessed such atrocious violations of the Constitution and assaults on freedom, decency, and the sacred code of American fair play than in the last couple of years wherein the IRS audited the president’s enemies, our people were killed in Benghazi and the circumstances covered up, the failure at the VA, the green light for Iran to go ahead with its bomb-making, and the willful release of five Taliban terrorists who certainly threaten our safety."

"During all this, while conservative Americans looked for leaders to vigorously and passionately stand against such tyrannies, the two men most entrusted to do so, Mr. Boehner and Mr. Cantor, did not lead, did not fight, and let us down. Not for weeks, not for months, but for years. "