Thursday, June 19, 2014

Teacher Giving Sex Offenders High School Equivalency Exam Raped When Left Alone

And in other news, water is wet. 

Now, one can argue the merits of being a female person choosing a career teaching violent sex offenders, but that career is a personal choice. The merits are debatable.

(I would say: THUMBS DOWN, BAD IDEA)

What is not debatable apparently, is that nobody at the prison needs to be investigated or disciplined because they followed all the "accepted corrections practices nationwide".

Well-that's certainly good to know.

I had no idea that it was completely acceptable and regular throughout the nation that female teachers are left alone with violent sex offenders and raped.

Hey, glad we cleared that up!

From the Department of Corrections: 

"Department of Corrections spokesman Doug Nick said classrooms at prisons across the state are having cameras installed. But he said no administrative investigation was launched because there was no need, and no one was disciplined. He said all prisons are dangerous places and staff are trained accordingly."

"This is an assault that reflects the fact that inmates in our system often act out violently, and it is the inmate suspect who is responsible for this despicable act," he said."

"Nick also said that not having a guard in classrooms or nearby "follows accepted corrections practices nationwide."