Thursday, June 19, 2014

I Like the Cut of Tory MP Tim Uppal's Jib!

THIS GUY!!!!!!!

"Jerusalem’s Temple Mount – considered holy by Jews, Muslims and Christians – should be open to all, says Tim Uppal, Canada’s minister of state for multiculturalism."

And of course a quote from the usual Official Jew:

"Frank Dimant, head of B’nai Brith Canada, said Mr. Uppal’s visit demonstrated Canada’s support for religious freedom."

“Just as in Israel itself there is religious freedom for all groups, so the Temple Mount must be a reflection of the religious freedoms that exist throughout Israel,” he said.

The more the world learns of the restrictions that the Muslims have put on other faiths like the Jews, like the Christians, and especially on the holiest Jewish site, I think it will wake up the spirit of people to say this is not justifiable.”

Unfortunately, it is WE THE JEWS who made this happen-please see Moshe Dayan and the surrendering of the Temple Mount to the Muslim Waqf.

It is the Israeli police that actually enforce the religious apartheid fatwa at the Temple Mount, and implement the sharia directives of the Waqf.

In other words, Jews were the ones to empower the restrictions on Jews at the Temple Mount. 

My idiot people.