Monday, June 30, 2014

May G-d Avenge Their Murders

I first heard that the bodies of the three Israeli teens were found while I was sitting with one of my children in a local Jewish community centre.

It was shortly after I was at the Israeli consulate on another matter. I then prepared a dinner for a friend who recently gave birth, the briss was last Sunday.  It was so beautiful. The baby is extraordinarily lovely.

I have quite a few things to say, but I'm terribly numb right now. I thought the worst, and now it's the worst. Three more Jewish families in eternal mourning, hearts breaking, souls crushed.

There are many people commenting.

Certainly, the stupidest and most despicable piece so far comes from "Rabbi" Boteach. What an arrogant and disgusting man. I need to calm down before I address his ridiculous piece. Just despicable.

For now, I will say what I always say, because a few people have written to me personally to express their heartache and sympathies.

What can we do?

We continue to raise proud Jews with Jewish vaulues. We, you, must continue to support the Jewish state and the Jewish people for they are the barometer of civilization. Where Jews are slaughtered, so are others-so quickly. We must point out the hypocrites who weep not for bludgeoned Jews-and yes, that includes the mute response from some leftist Jews as well. We must stay focused on reality-that there is a festering, burgeoning mob that wants to slaughter us all, we must listen to what they say and understand what they do.

What they did to those three teens, they will do-happily-to your children and loved ones without a second thought.  It's the reason they live. There are real Nazis among us. Same spirit.

Judenhaas opens the door to cultural and societal barbarity. 

It cannot be contained. It cannot be negotiated with. It must be eliminated. 

All vessels of this particularly virulent strand of sadistic, nihilistic barbarismmust be extinguished with all of the power that we have. The human vessels of this barbarity must be put on notice, and all of our military, philosophical, economical, intellectual, artistic, scientific prowess harnessed to crush them.

Where Jews are respected, and thrive Western culture thrives. 

Where Jewish values, and Jewish reverence for human life is of paramount value-those countries and civilizations will thrive.

Never be embarrassed about that. Never apologize for that. Raise your children to be G-d fearing, life-revering souls. Never forget.

For those who wish to make donations in memory, as is Jewish tradition, I have several causes that are my own personal favourites. 

I'm too weary at the moment to hyperlink them all, but I highly recommend ALEH (support for the disabled in Israel), Shalva (also supports disabled children, started by the mother of Nachshon Waxman z"l), Keren Malki (in memory of Malka Roth z"l, murdered in the Sbarro bombing), or your local Beit Halochem, which assists soldiers who have suffered debilitating injuries and helps in all aspects of rehabilitation.

The war against the savage, barbarians can be won. And we will win.

Too much heartache to contemplate this evening.

Sometimes it is very normal, and very human to mourn children we have never met.