Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Slate Magazine Notices American Girls Being Sent For "Vacation Cutting" By Their Parents

First of all, can we please NOT call it "female circumsicion"?

Is that possible?

It's female genital mutilation. And I notice the word "Islam" kind of missing from this ridiculous piece.

"Vacation cutting".


Nothing says loving parent more than sending little girls abroad to get their genitals hacked away, am I right???

And it is really, really hard to take this writer seriously when she writes about FGM without mentioning Islam, by calling it "female circumcision" and by conflating it with ritual circumcision for men.

But perhaps one of the most idiotic parts of this imbecilic piece is this sentence:

"There is no easy, clear cut solution to this problem."

No clear cut, just barbaric "cuts" and cutting.

The solution is eliminating the "cutting".