Tuesday, June 3, 2014

American Justice, Also Known As the War on Men

This is a terrible story. 

Men frequently get wrongly accused of rape and child abuse. The point is that women try to ruin the lives of perfectly innocent men, usually their ex-husbands or ex-boyfriends.

In this story, a perfectly regular family guy was wrongly accused of being a child pornographer.

The horror is that he was instructed by American justice officials that he had to "prove his innocence".

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that completely assbackwards?

Aren't you supposed to be presumed innocent, and your guilt must be proven?

"Simone said he first learned he was a victim of mistaken identity when federal marshals approached him at his Merrill Lynch desk in May 2008."

"They escorted him to a security room, then dropped their bombshell, he said."

“They told me they had a warrant for my arrest in Mexico,” he recalled.

“That’s when the room started to spin.

“They told me they were going to put me on a plane right there. I have never been more scared in my life.”

"Simone — who worked in the settlement division at Merrill Lynch’s Garden City office for 28 years — had the same name as a man sought by Mexican officials for paying for sex with minors in that country."

"An ambassador sent an official request to then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to arrest the wrong Simone — and even supplied his home address and a copy of his driver’s license, the suit states."

"After being placed in handcuffs and leg shackles, the bewildered dad — with no arrest history — told agents that he wasn’t the man they were looking for."

"Federal prosecutors let Simone out on bail with a warning."

(Ahh, the capricious, disgusting whims of "justice" and "law enforcement".) 

“They told me I had a week to prove my innocence,” he said.