Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Apparently I Am the Last Woman in North America To Know: Mark Steyn is a Bantam Rooster on Viagra

Woe is me!

But seriously folks, this is a great bit and I guess it's now going to be a regular gig, every other Wednesday on the Oakley show.

As I've said before, these interviews are excellent because Oakley is quite an excellent interviewer and he lets Steyn answer questions properly. This is how good radio is done. Thoughtful question, good rapport and time to answer.

Sooooo, the bantam rooster on Viagra himself has some fun trouncing Hilary Clinton and the spousal presidential entitlement program and the flaccid state of American world power and prowess.

He makes a very frightening and astute point also about the traitor schmuck that Obama brought home, and the dangerous jihadi murderers that were released.

He notes that President Obama is the only American president ever to replenish the enemy while the war is still on. 

That's a haunting, and evil reality that bodes very poorly for America.

Listen to the whole thing.