Friday, June 6, 2014

Excellent First Amendment Ruling: New Jersey Court Rules for Nurse Who Refused Flu Shot

The integrity of the human body is a critical thing. 

This is very good.

If someone knowingly signs an employment contract that states from the outset that a condition of their continued employment is taking vaccines at the employers whim, then that is a different story. If you sign that contract-your problem.

However, if someone decides that for whatever capricious reason, "for the children", "for public health" or "for your own good" or "because we say so" or "because we have tons of these vaccines in stock and my buddy owns the company", then I say nuts to that.

By the way, I am not anti-vaccines in the least. I am pro-vaccines. My kids are all up to date-with the exception of the HPV scam. No way-no how, and over my dead body. I think flu shots are also bogus.

Clever argument in my view:

"A New Jersey appeals court ruled on Thursday that First Amendment protections allowing people to refuse medical procedures on religious grounds also extends to those opting out of treatment for secular reasons."

"June Valent was a nurse at the Hackettstown Community Hospital in September 2010 when the company issued a policy requiring employees to get a flu vaccination. The rule allowed workers to claim an exemption on religious or medical grounds provided they submitted a note from a religious leader or a doctor."

"The religion-based exemption irrefutably illustrates that the flu vaccination policy is not based exclusively on public health concerns," the opinion said.