Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pint Sized Cupcake Crusader Wins Big in Illinois: Pushback On the Hyper-Regulation of America

The Cupcake Crusader wins the Internet today!!

This is a particularly delicious victory because Gov. Quinn is no fan of individual liberty-especially as we have seen via his thuggish support for union goons-a fight my friend Pam Harris of Chicago is fighting.

Get a load of this:

"Chloe started "Hey Cupcake!" in her parents' Troy kitchen in order to sell cupcakes at fundraisers and to friends and family, according to the governor's office. But when the Madison County Health Department got wind of the cottage industry they shut it down because Chloe didn't have the proper business license and the Stirlings' kitchen wasn't commercially certified."

"So Chloe and her mom went to Springfield, where they lobbied for a bill to make it easier for small "home kitchen operators" to sell their goods without having to jump through so many government hoops."

THIS is America. This is the spirit of America.

When the Health Department tells a 12 year old girl that she can't make and sell homemade cupcakes, it's time to tell the Health Department and all its bureaucratic enablers-right up to the Governor's office to SHOVE IT. And they did!

A very sweet victory indeed.

Read this part very carefully, it really must have truly pained Quinn to utter these words.

"Quinn thanked Chloe for standing up for small entrepreneurs."

 "Democracy is for everyone and I salute Chloe Stirling for getting involved and making a difference for a cause she believes in," he said."

"Senate Republicans released a statement applauding Quinn for signing the bill, but contending his administration fought against it until a public outcry forced them to relent."

Publicity, public outcry, saying NO, leads to "relent". Got that?

If a 12 year old cupcake entrepreneur can do it, what are you waiting for? 

Read the whole story.

Thanks to SMW for sending it in.