Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Steyn: "Going My Way" and "There is No Deal"

"First of all, I link to all kinds of things - stuff I agree with, stuff I think is absolute codswallopping balderdash, and stuff that falls somewhere in between. Every reader is free to click on the link and decide where on that spectrum he personally falls."

Yesterday was a good day, as I clearly evaded Mark Steyn's Absolute Codswallopping Balderdash list. 

"There is No "Deal": 

"Watch that Rose Garden ceremony again and ask yourself Shannon Allen's question: Which guy is the hero? Pace Susan Rice, there are three dishonorable men in that short photo-op: a deserter who broke his oath, a father who sympathizes publicly with the enemy ...and a president lying before the nation, to make them complicit in that dishonor. Mr Obama is unworthy of the men who fight on "his" behalf."

"~The Bergdahl disgrace was not helped by being juxtaposed against the D-Day observances. Speaking of heroes, here is the tale of Bernard Jordan, who was told by his carers at his nursing home in Sussex that he couldn't attend the 70th anniversary ceremonies with his fellow veterans. So he bust out of the home and hightailed it a cross the Channel, just like he did seven decades ago. If you're doing your math, yes, he was 19 years old on D-Day. He was 17 when he lied about his age to get into the Royal Navy. As Laura Rosen Cohen says:
Now think about "kids" these days, and their eternal childhood.
What a world it was, what a world we have now.