Friday, June 6, 2014

Stick Some Steyn in Yer Bong And Smoke It

Where do I sign up to be a roadie for the Stoned on Steyn tour? 

I guess there is some danger of, like overdosing on Steyn but WHAT A WAY TO GO!!!!!!?!?!?!!

You must read this Steyn post: "Follow Your Conscience".

(Read eeevil seekrit Jooooo Kathy Draidle's talk radio summary while you're at it!)

A taste the Steyn Bong (Steyn Hookah? Perhaps that is more diverse? More "celebrate diversity" type of thing?):

On Obama:

"Obama is going to finish his term in a position that no U.S. president has been in since I think Grover Cleveland. He’s going to be the number two guy. He’s going to be the global also-ran. So what American leadership? Economic leadership is likely to be gone by the end of the year, geopolitical leadership, he’s out there working, doing his 12 ounce curls in the gym in Warsaw in his mom jeans while Putin’s riding around annexing all kinds of territory, the mullahs are doing what they want, the Politburo’s doing what they want, and the Taliban, who are goat herds with fertilizer, have just beaten the United States of America."


He questions what the hell that was in the Rose Garden: 

"It doesn’t matter whether you are talking about those creepy, freaky, weirdo optics of the Rose Garden photo op, which is now being seen all around the Muslim world as some kind of Islamic submission by the great Satan, the point of which the dad was doing his Allah the most merciful routine."

(And what could possibly be wrong with that??!?!) 

Lastly, you can blame it on the sunshine, blame it on the moonlight, blame it on the boogie, or blame it on the disco. 


"So don’t blame me if the current state of things, I’m channeling Gloria Gaynor."

I'd pay quite a few shiny shekels to see Mark Steyn chanel Gloria Gaynor. Just sayin...