Monday, June 9, 2014

Vancouver Schools Know Your Children's Gender Better Than You-What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

You will celebrate diversity: OR ELSE. 

This is quite an odious development in British Columbia. 

How about teaching reading, writing and arithmetic? How about that???

"The new policy grants students confidentiality in how they identify their gender at school, bars staff from referring students for counseling that would “change [their] sexual orientation or gender identity,” and allows students to choose which bathroom they use."

"The concerned parents, led by lawyer Cheryl Chang, who chairs the Parent Advisory Council at a local high school in the VSB, are being labeled as “homophobes” for raising concerns over the proposed revisions."

I’m representing parents who actually love their children, want to be involved in parenting them, and what we’re being told is: ‘No, the school knows better. You’re all dangerous, especially if you have religious beliefs that gender is associated with genitals, then you are wrong,’” Chang said in an interview with Sun News’ Brian Lilley, host of Byline.