Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Exceptionally Brave Palestinian Journalist Khaled Abu Toameh Notices Media Ignorning Hamas' Biggest Crimes

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If you don't you should.

When Palestinians butcher Palestinians, the world is silent. 

Throw one Jew into the mix and it's a war crime. 

"One of the Fatah men, Yusef Shaheen, of Jebalya refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, said that Hamas militiamen kidnapped him as he was standing outside his house on the same day the Egyptian-brokered cease-fire was announced in late August."

"Shaheen said that the Hamas gunmen accused him of violating the house arrest."

"They took me to the area of Sheikh Zayed and beat me severely," he said, adding that his two legs were broken in the assault."

"Another Fatah activist who is also being treated in West Bank hospitals said Hamas gunmen fired 17 bullets at his legs from close range."

"Had these Fatah members fallen victim to an assault by IDF soldiers or Jewish settlers, their photos and stories would have made it to the front pages of major newspapers in the US, Canada and Europe. But unfortunately for them, they were shot and beaten by fellow Palestinians – in this instance Hamas. Obviously, this is not a story worth being covered by representatives of the "mainstream" media in the West."