Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sorry, I Don't Think These Journalists Are Heroic

I do not think it is smart or brave to go to terrorist-infested lands to "tell the story" or to "make sure the story" gets out.

I don't care about the story of jihad.

I care about the story of life.

So this headline:

"Latest victim was grandson of two Holocaust survivors who had joint Israeli citizenship - and a deep love for the Islamic world" strikes me as absolutely delusional and certifiably insane. 

A grandson of two Holocaust survivors with joint Israeli citizenship is actually the last person on Earth who should be going to "tell the story" of the jihad in any of these disgusting, lawless, barbarian-filled countries. Might as well paint a Magen David on your forehead.

So no, it's not brave or heroic at all. It's terribly sad for his family, heartbreaking bereavement, and also terrible that he didn't choose a different career.

No, this is not 'blaming the victim'.

But there is certainly a difference between living a life trying to avoid (not appease) terrorists as much as possible, or fighting them and being murdered by one, rather than walking right into their fire and the hell holes of their existence.

Loving the Islamic world, speaking Arabic-these do not give you any immunity against being slaughtered. It is naive and dangerous to think otherwise.

There is no such dhimmunity.