Friday, May 22, 2015

Col. Richard Kemp: Warrior and Mensch

If you don't follow Col. Kemp on Twitter, you should. He always posts great stuff and he is fearless on the battlefield and on the moral field. He's another one of these philosemitic gentile giants that I adore. 

I'm delighted that he has been honoured by Bar Ilan University-just wonderful.

Do read the whole thing.

Kemp notes: 

"...over the past thirty years the morality and values of the West have been undermined beyond recognition; and that this inevitably leads to anti-Semitic and anti-Israel sentiments."

 "The target is Western values themselves, and Israel has become a proxy for the targeted West. This is reinforced by a pervasive and increasing wave of anti-Semitism which intensifies the obsession with Israel, along with the desire to appease violent Islam."

"This can only work of course if the media and these global organizations are willing to be subverted by the terrorist message, willing to see terrorists as victims and Israel as demons. And they are, alas, very willing. The terrorist strategy is executed through a conspiracy with a compliant and complicit media." 

And his advice: 

"Fret not. Hate yourselves not. Israel isn't perfect, but you're not the problem. It's the immoral way that others are thinking and are judging you. It's their loss of values. "