Monday, May 25, 2015

Dear "Hundreds of People Paying Tribute" to Dead Jews

Please, just don't. 

If you cared as much about live Jews, then I would care about your "tribute".

But you don't, so spare me the flowers and the crocodile tears.

The Jewish community is slowly, slowly realizing that it's getting too late. It's suitcases or coffins time. 

"What happened here was a real shock to the Jewish community," said Serge Rozen, who organised the tribute as head of the Coordination Committee of Belgian Jewish Organisations."


"I think probably for the first time they realized that even with security measures already in place for a long time in Belgium, you could be killed here in Brussels or Belgium because you are a Jew or presumed Jew," Rozen told AFP before giving a brief speech."
"He said many in Belgium's estimated 40,000-strong Jewish community were starting to wonder whether they had a future in the country."

Hey, I'll help you out with that. Jews: you don't have a future in Europe.

Here's what the Mayor said in his "tribute" to the slaughtered:

"Brussels is Jewish because all Jews have their place in Brussels," Mayeur said from a makeshift podium in the closed-off street guarded by four Belgian soldiers and at least a dozen police officers."

If you have to have four Belgian soldiers and "at least" a dozen police officers in a closed-off street, in order to "pay tribute" to murdered Jews, guess what?  Jews have no place in Brussels. 

On second thought-maybe they do have a place.

It's called the airport and they have a lot of planes there, some of which fly to Israel. That's your "place".

It's either that place or another place, called the cemetery. 

When I put the Mayor's rather pathetic, statement through my translator from "dhimmi weasel" to English, here's what I get.

"We know that radical Islam is a murderous force on the continent, but with Jews here, you can be the sacrificial lambs. So please don't leave us here because despite our supine capitulation, we don't want to die just yet."

Just some friendly reminders about Belgium and Jews:

Antisemites no longer hiding. 

Jew-hatred reaching new heights. 

Public schools are Jew-free zones. 

Jews fleeing Belgium. 

Out of the shadows...

Muslim antisemitism in Belgium.

No Jews allowed.

Murders "came as no surprise".

Belgium is jihad's European "Mecca".

Belgian "youth" turning to jihad "in droves'".

From Belgium to ISIS.

The jihadist danger within.

The Belgian jihadist networks. 

All your fault. 

Just die already.

The Jew stands alone.