Wednesday, May 13, 2015

"I"m A Florist But I Refused to Do Flowers For My Gay Friend's Wedding"

Read the whole, sordid tale here. 

Remember-she also thought they were friends so there is a personal betrayal here as well.

Freedom of speech is under relentless assault in America. It's agonizing to watch, and even more agonizing to live through as we see here.

"We’ve always heard that same-sex marriage would never affect anyone aside from the same-sex couples who wanted to be married. But a judge recently told me that my freedom to live and work according to my beliefs about marriage expired the day same-sex marriage became the law in my state."

"Our government is supposed to protect our First Amendment rights — freedom of religion and expression. But the government is telling me I can only be a faithful Christian within the four walls of my church. That’s impossible and it’s unjust. What would Rob and Curt say if the government told them they could only be who they are in their own homes?"

"But whatever the state says and however they want to try to punish me, they can’t change my faith. What happens in my business or my life is in God’s hands. Having a clear conscience means much more to me than any amount of money or my business. Rob and Curt have their beliefs about marriage and aren’t being stopped by the state from living them out. I only ask for the same freedom."