Thursday, May 14, 2015

Syrian Musicians Ask To Share Music Via the Jewish Standard

This is pretty gutsy, and I found the music and the video mesmerizing.

This is the post from the Jewish Standard:

"A breathtakingly beautiful look at a part of Syria never seen on the news. One day there will be peace in Syria as well - "Jiyan" - meaning ''Because we deserve to live'' - explained the Damascus-based group of musicians when they approached us directly with a request to share this song with our readers - many of whom are their neighbors they can't yet meet."

Music by Ary Jan Sarhan , Khaled Rezek & Yahia Tello
Colorist : (Post house) Rauf Zaza
Camera assistant : Orwa Farran
Project manager : Fakhri Bradosti
Directed by Yazeed Al-Sayed

I'm delighted to share this video. I think overtures of this kind are very brave indeed. 

Enjoy, and ladies, the two lead musicians are very cute, hubba hubba!