Thursday, May 21, 2015

State of the World Update! The World According to Me! You're Welcome!

Here is a major link dump because I am very, very busy.

Why is Pamella Geller hated? From the great Dennis Prager.

US Jews must wake up to infiltration by leftist traitors (fat chance).

This is your city on socialism, New York.

From our "fire them all" file: NY teacher charged with allowing middle school students to have sex in classroom.

From our bulging "DUH" file: Germany "allows" Jews on antisemitism panel (for real, this is not a joke).

Israeli ambassador's surrogate baby dies in Nepal.  They just "have to" go to Nepal for surrogates, you see?!??! Have to. Must.

America is screwed: Canada's hate tribunals a portent for the future of America.

From the great Daniel Greenfield, a must read: Obama to Israel-If Israel Doesn't Commit Suicide, I Can't Protect It 

From the GO AUSTRALIA GO file, finally some common sense. "Homegrown" terrorists will be shipped back to their parents' country of origin. Citizenship revoked. BUH BYE.

And finally a comprehensive and utterly depressing compendium of thoughts on free speech and the First Amendment, and the difference between the two concepts.

In short: HEAD FOR THE HILLS!!!!