Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Unsafe Spaces: Jews Hunted on American and European Campuses

First this, in case you missed it:

Ruth Wisse: Anti-Semitism Goes to School 

"At any rate, the basic truth is this: Israel and the United States, unlovingly paired by their Islamist enemies as the Little Satan and the Big Satan, are prime targets of the same antagonists. It remains to be seen, then, whether the rise of anti-Semitism in America—itself an extension of the Arab- and Muslim-led war against Israel and the Jewish people—will fatally penetrate America’s thick constitutional culture, in which some of us still place our trust."
"Universities are the obvious place to begin investigating that question."

"When the current enemies of the Jews first chose the universities as a primary battleground in America, they met little or no opposition from liberal administrators or faculty, including Jewish faculty. Anti-Semitism, after all, is just an idea—is it not?—and ideas, which is what universities traffic in, can be the springboard for the best of human endeavors. Indeed they can; but they are also the springboard for the worst, and not even God can help those who fail to distinguish between the two. Anti-Semitism, among the very worst of human inventions, has by now thoroughly corroded Arab societies and with great force and determination is making its way back into Europe. Can America prove exceptional by recognizing the threat and fighting it off?"

(Not under Obama, that's for sure.)

Then this, the great Douglas Murray: Unsafe Spaces

"I am also reminded of how important it is to raise the bar of what pro-Israel figures think of as a “win.” Wisse refers to a couple of examples but we all know of a thousand more."

"Winning the argument involves going heads-up against the hardest and knottiest parts of the issue. Success in stopping a whole new generation from being brought up on lies involves individuals and groups relentlessly turning the anti-Israel movement around like a carriage-clock, opening up its back and displaying its wretched workings for all the world to see."

(Murray is expert at this, by the way.)