Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Jews Get the Hell Out of Europe Before It's Too Late: Swedish Edition

European Jews have to make a decision about whether they would like to travel with suitcases or within coffins.

Here's a telling essay from a Swedish Jew with a long and robust record of (rather stupidly) defending Sweden, finally admitting that Jewish life in Sweden is unbearable. 

This means: get out with your life. 

 "A few weeks ago my son didn’t come home from school at four o’clock, as he always does. I tried his phone, with no answer. I would have tried his friends, but he’s been keeping to himself. The hours passed and just as I was about to call the police, he walks in, breaking down in tears before his bag even hits the floor."

"He tells me he had joined a few boys to play soccer after school, and everything had gone well until there was a dispute over the rules, and then the group had turned on him. The leader, a classmate of my son, had said, “This is why I don’t play with the cheating Jews.” My son had looked to the rest of them to protest, to stand by him in any way, but instead they had left him to make it back home alone."

To stay in such a putrid country after such a a revealing and threatening event is to endanger the lives of one's children.

This episode was a stark, vivid and terrifying warning.

Some Jews don't get any advance warning before they are murdered in cold blood.

Yet astonishingly,  some Jews in the post-Holocaust, post 9-11, post Paris, London, Copenhagen, post-too-many jihadist murders-to-possibly-mention-here, have the warning walk right into their home "breaking down in tears before his bag even hits the floor" and they still don't get it, and still haven't packed their bags!

This time the bag hit the floor, not the kid.


"As I was comforting him, my son asked me if we could just stop being Jews. It’s too hard, he said, and I just want it to go away. With those words, I felt as if I had fallen through a black hole into history. We have had this talk before, I have cried these tears before, the hatred may be wearing a different outfit now but the death we are dying is no less dark."

My advice would be to get the hell out before the darkness is permanent and irreversible and the child, and not the bag, hits the floor.