Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Instant Steyn Classic: "Are You Dumber Than a Box of Rocks?"

Cannot WAIT for that game show to become a reality. 

Steyn says that Hilary Clinton is banking on the fact that the American electorate is, in fact, dumber than a box of rocks. 

But remember-they elected Barack Hussein Obama not once but twice, so there's that....

They also talk about the media complicity in Project Dumb As A Box of Rocks. The American mainstream media is simply the fart-catching, PR wing of the Democratic party, and anyone who thinks otherwise really is dumber than a rock.

For Hebrew speakers-this is an excruciating article from Israel and there was also an extensive documentary on Channel 10 which I watched, that basically showed what a loser Isaac Herzog was throughout the entire campaign in Israel. 

It's a pity that this is not (yet) available in English, because it's a textbook case of the attempted leftist, media manipulation of the electorate. It's a blueprint of what happened not just in Israel, but in Britain as well. 

The Israeli documentary shows the remarkable extent to which he was propped up by the Israeli media, that among other things, cropped their shots, and furiously puffed him up and kept lame, pathetic loser appearances from the public, and did everything possible to make him look like he had supporters and especially, leadership gravitas.

It was THEIR fantasy, their wet dream to have one of THEIR OWN in the Prime Minister's Office.

I have mentioned that the Israeli media coverage of the election broadcasted from Rabin Square in Tel Aviv. Could there be any more telling a location? Not the Jerusalem City Hall ("Kikar Tzahal" or "IDF Square", which is right by the old border between east and west Jerusalem, right by the Old no-they broadcasted from Rabin Square in Tel Aviv.

Reality gave fantasy a bloody nose that night and it was absolutely schadenfruedelicious to watch.

These slobbering leftist media pinheads have no idea how transparent they are, nor to they care. They can't be shamed because you can't shame the shameless. All that matters to them is getting new knee pads every year to service their masters. Kathy calls this "blowjobby" behaviour and I quite agree.

One can only hope and pray for a repeat performance in America next year, but for now, two out of three civilized countries voting the right way ain't bad.