Friday, May 22, 2015

Mr. President, Masada Will Not Fall Again

It takes a really special kind of Jew-hating arrogance to go into a synagogue on the eve of a Jewish holiday, put on a little Jewish beanie and proclaim that despite the clear evidence that you are the first openly antisemitic President in American history, that you have done more for the Jews and Israel's security than any other administration.

Shame on the synagogue that enabled this disgusting Jew-hater to use a bimah as a platform to spout such Orwellian garbage. Shame on the Jews that sat in rapture listening to the most arrogant, Jew-hating POTUS in American history obscenely bring up the Palestinians in the obtusely disgusting fashion that he is so very good at. His moral equivalence knows no bounds.

Obama is apparently more Jewish than the Jews! He knows Jewish values better than anyone else.

And real, true, Jewish values mean, in Obama land, national suicide!

Ben Shaprio puts it nicely here.

America, as we already know from the blowjobby, epic beta liberal wanker , Jew-in-Name-Only and Obama worshipper Jeffrey Goldberg (who I am proud to say, blocked me on Twitter), reports that as a true friend MUST criticize Israel!

The article has a quote from the Jew-Hater in Chief that the "deal" with Iran "has my name on it".

Let's be clear: 

The "deal" is Israel's death certificate. 

You can read some other excellent commentary here from Susan L. M Goldberg, and from Bridget Johnson here. 

At times like this I miss George Bush. 

I thank G-d for the IDF, and thank G-d that we, the Jewish people, have a state of our own so we don't need the "protection" and "friendship" of America under Obama.

So to this appallingly antisemitic administration, I say, on behalf of my people-the Jews last committed mass suicide at Masada, and Masada will not happen again, nor will it fall again.

That's a promise.