Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mark Steyn Thinks Austria's New Traffic Lights Are So Gay

Must read, classic Steyn on the gayhad with extra bonus strange Jewish mother citation:

"Laura Rosen Cohen calls this "a gradual process of castration": a sustained effort to harass and hector the last redoubts of masculine culture into getting with the program, from the campaign to replace Britain's "lad culture" with "good lads" - ie, the usual new-male eunuchs willing to stand in the street, glassy-eyed and smiling, while holding up approved slogans - "A Good Lad ...understands that feminism isn't a dirty word" - to the politically correct US Army ordering its men to "walk a mile in her shoes". Objections to the latter led to one of the great headlines of our time, from The Washington Post:
Army To Review Decision To Have Male Cadets Wear High Heels
That's an early frontrunner for this year's Epitaphs for the Republic competition."