Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Must Read Steven Plaut: Tel Aviv University Sexual Predator Gets a Slap on the Wrist

This is a beauty. 

"In recent years Israel has seen a whole spat of far-leftist professors, many of them sociologists, who got caught with their pants down while harassing their female students."

"The most notorious was no doubt Eyal Ben Ari, a far-leftist sociologist at Hebrew University, who was accused of raping a student. Ben Ari was eventually fired."

"Before that he had been the thesis supervisor for that now-notorious MA thesis in which it was claimed that the fact that Israeli soldiers do not rape Arab women proves how racist the Jews are. As I say, the thesis supervisor was later himself involved in raping and harassing a student."

"Maybe he just did not want to be considered to be a racist."

"Anyhow, now along comes Comrade Ronen Shamir and he gets indicted before a Tel Aviv University ethics committee for sexually harassing one of his own students, an Arab woman."

"I guess he REALLY wanted to prove he was not racist."