Friday, May 29, 2015

Have I Mentioned Lately That I Adore Mark Steyn?

Do read this whole piece.

Particularly hysterical is this bit, with an uniquely refined and eloquent comment from the evil, seeeeeekrit Joooooo Kathy Draidlebaum:

(It's like really funny and smart and stuff, but I must note that Mark Steyn talks about bathhouses and KY and snapping towels-presumable on one's bottom, AND WHOA HEY IS IT GETTING HOT IN HERE OR SOMETHING???!?!? SORRY WHERE WERE WE? HMM OK RIGHT RIGHT HMMMM...SILLY ME...)


*composes one self*

"Several folks have asked me to comment on the decline of National Review as represented by their 5,500-word cover story in support of gay marriage, which, with their usual impeccable timing, they published the day before the launch of their spring fundraiser asking loyal readers to pony up to keep this bastion of principled conservatism standing athwart history."

"I generally don't comment on publications to which I used to contribute, because it's best just to move on. But I confess I did get a mordant chuckle out of Kathy Shaidle's take. As she likes to say, we're gonna need more KY for that slippery slope."

I did force myself to read the whole "essay". I mean, seriously, why try to fit your stupid idea clearly into 800 words when you can schlepp it out to 7,000 and STILL not convince anyone of anything? This is some of the thickest, most turgid prose I have ever read. On the plus side, the next time I have insomnia, I'll make a grab for it....

My own contribution to the conversation can be found here:

Steyn also notes:

"The entire western world has chosen to commit immigration-assisted suicide as some kind of civilizational penance for imperialism, or racism, or just being so culturally insensitive as to build the parts of the planet that function. In Europe and Canada, they're ceding their turf to Islam. In the United States, they've chosen Latin America. So fewer clitoridectomies."


The Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH, right again. 

PS: Shame on those dhimmi girls and their educators. It's really upsetting that they thought they were doing the "right" thing, when really, they haven't been given a sufficiently solid Judeo-Christian education to know that they were in fact, capitulation and submitting rather than being magnanimous and sporting.

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