Monday, May 18, 2015

Heads Up!

Help wanted in Saudi Arabia!

Have I got a job for you!

Are you a true believer in sharia justice?

Are you not squeamish at the site of blood?

Want to get ahead in life?

Maybe you want to get a few heads instead? 

It's our friends the Saudis!

And they are not just busy with executions!

They have lots of big plans. 


Because Obama has turned the United States of America into a lame duck, and has burned America's friends and turned enemies into friends.

The Saudis and Israel have this in common: a mutual distrust of America, a mutual interest in keeping Iran acquiring nuclear weapons, and an additional, mutual existential threat from the Muslim Brotherhood as well.

Thus, they are strange, new friends. And this is probably the strangest policy "accomplishment" of the disgusting Obama regime.

As Caroline Glick puts it, this is: "a clear vote of no-confidence in US President Barack Obama’s leadership".

Not that this bothers Obama, he is a narcissist and feels that he makes no mistakes, ever. So even the Saudis blowing him off and wanting to purchase Pakistani nukes will make no difference whatsoever to  President Obama's core mission of American, Israeli and Western implosion.