Monday, May 11, 2015

There Is A Reason Why French Women Have Allure

Because of stuff like this: 

"A star is someone who must show themselves only a little and remain discreet. With the introduction of the digital age there is an intrusion of everything, everywhere, all the time," she said."

"We see a tremendous amount of people who are very famous, with millions of followers, and who have done absolutely nothing."

"Deneuve said she had a very "limited" relationship to technology."

"It's wonderful to be able to take photos (with your cellphone) but I detest selfies, photographing yourself all the time ... it makes everything banal," she told the newspaper."

"And this idea that we are looking at ourselves doing things, without actually experiencing them, is horrible."

Also note how absolutely gorgeous she looks.

I often flip through fashion magazines, and I'm always looking at people around me. When I see something in a store, or in a magazine one of my first thoughts is-would a French woman wear this? It's pretty much my litmus test for clothing.