Wednesday, May 6, 2015

World Pretty Mad At Pamela Geller For Not Getting Murdered UPDATE: Cross posted at The Rebel


So, there was a cartoon contest in America, in Texas planned by this ballsy Jewish broad from New York City.

You probably heard about it.

There were some people who, for some reason, didn't like the theme of the contest so they planned a big bloodbath.

Fortunately, they got COMPLETELY DEAD before they were able to slaughter their fellow Americans in cold blood.

Predictably, instead of expressing revulsion and disgust at the individuals who murder because of cartoons, the wrath of the media world aimed its craven focus at, you guessed it, the intended victim of terrorism.

People are pretty gosh darn mad at Pamela Geller for not getting murdered.

Sorry for not getting murdered?

This evil crud is everywhere.

Absolutely everywhere, including the allegedly conservative Fox News. 

It's the combined religion and mental illness known as Jew-hatred, it's where the left and radical Islam converge and it ain't pretty. 

The left sees no evil, unless its being done by Christians or Jews.

The bullies are winning. Douglas Murray sees through all the smoke and mirrors.  

New threats. 

And as Pam correctly notes in her Fox news exchange:

You gave [extremists] the power,” Geller told MacCallum.

If all the media had run the cartoons, what were they going to do? They couldn’t kill everybody.”

By the way, see what happens to places that get rid of their Jews. 

This tweet pretty much sums it up: