Tuesday, February 2, 2016

And He's Baaaaaaaaaack

Mark Steyn returns from an overseas adventure, and his suitcases RUNNETH OVER with funny and snark.

Yes, I laughed out loud.

"Second-Degree Bern" is good stuff.

I am honestly puzzled by America's romance with that crackpot, commie, pinko Jew from NY and the Emperor's New Clothes suggestion that he represents YOUTH.

If that crusty, horrible commie represents youth than I'm the Queen of England.

Now pass me my tea and crumpets!

This "bern" of the Clintons is particularly vicious in a glorious Steynian sort of way:

"The only personable Clinton stood behind Hillary looking like an emaciated wraith of the Slick Willie of yore. Decades of interns appear to have literally sucked all the life out of him, leaving only (one presumes from friend Epstein's Lolita Express flight records) his distinguishing characteristics with any flicker of vitality. Judging from her brief but disastrous intervention in New Hampshire the other week, young Chelsea appears to have inherited her mother's warmth and personal touch."

And then this Marksterpiece: 

"Bernie was close, but, as Bill would say, no cigar."


Seriously, Bill Clinton looked positively cadaverous. 

Like Caucus With Bernie cadaverous. 

Looks good on them.