Friday, February 19, 2016

"There Is Only Speech And All Speech Should Be Free." UPDATED-MARK STEYN LINKS

I am also a free speech absolutist in case you hadn't noticed.

No "but" for me.

I stand with Mark Steyn. 

I stand with Douglas Murray, I stand with Brendan O'Neil.

The very idea of "hate speech" is "as ridiculous and abominable as thought crime", as Brendan says. It's tyranny indeed. We must not even accept the premise that such a beast exists!

Douglas Murray also has a wonderful quote in here-that young people, university students in particular don't know anything! They know zero facts. You cannot have a conversation about anything if there are no facts involved.

He says "they don't know any of the facts, but they've got all of the feelings". Exactly. Brilliant.

Watch the whole thing when you have time.

There really is a rising class of Alpha Gay Males in Europe. 

They (and Jews of course) have the most to lose if the political left continues its torrid romance with nihilistic, jihadist Islam.

For some CRAZY reason, this video only has a few hundred views.

It's got TONS of amazing stuff in it, so please share.

And this bears repeating:

We should not even accept the political left's premise that there is such a thing as "hate speech".

There is no such thing. 

As O'Neil puts it:

There is only speech and all speech should be free.

I would modify slightly:

There is only speech and all speech must be free. 

PS: The left always eats it's own.

Look at what the "tolerant" left in the UK is doing to Peter Tatchell and Stephen Fry. But the thing about Stephen Fry is that everyone is so terribly butch on offensive humour till it comes to Islam.


Via BCF: The left eats its own. 


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