Thursday, February 18, 2016

Grab A Coffee, Let's Get Caught Up

Was unable to post at all yesterday due to a combination of technical, scheduling and real life issues.

DIDJA MISS ME?!?!??!?!


I have a TON of links that are just itching to be posted, but it's another busy day.

Here's a few items as I get caught up.

Super Smart Jew Daniel Greenfield (MUST READ): Good Islam and Bad Islam 

And now for something completely different:

No, we should not be celebrating zaftik Sports Illustrated models.

Now, I am a gal, and I don't really care about Sports Illustrated. I don't care about models either, that is to say that I have other things to worry about that narcissistic lolly-pop anorexics strutting around in their designer panties.

However, I will say that trying to convince the public that fat is attractive is a big, fat lie. "Curvy" = bullshit. "Embrace my curves" = "I will get gastric band surgery as soon as I get enough attention on line".

I'm not a guy, but if I were a guy, I'd be thinking that this chick has a very pretty face, has the sexy make-up,  and a nice rack that looks real ("curvy" chicks usually are more well endowed), but I'd be thinking "moped". Guys still don't like fat chicks. Fat is not hot. Women want to be desired.

Fat is not desirable. It doesn't matter how much baby oil, gold lame bathing suits or smoky eye make up is put on a woman, if she's fat, she's fat.

Fat women also tend to really like sparkly stuff and other attention-seeking accessories like fake nails, rhinestones, gaudy makeup, hooker heels, leopard prints and BIG hair. They are trying to distract from their largeness. It's awful. It's like the fashion equivalent of "LOOK SQUIRREL!!!".

Growing old truly sucks, but growing old tastefully, with some class, and not like a cheap whore with a hair peroxide addiction, blinding people with sparkles is definitely better.