Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Happy Tuesday, "Safe Spaces" Are For Pussies Edition!

Lots of stuff going on in the world and in my life on a macro level and lots of right wing, hatey hater people reaching out from all over the world which is very cool.

I never cease to be amazed at the amazingly accomplished and interesting individuals who get in touch, and am especially always amused by what seems to be, statistically, the profile of an average reader (this is not scientific, just basing it on e-mail and profile information from Twitter followers). I seem to have cornered a small but seemingly quite influential section of the white, gentile, philosemitic, heterosexual conservative, pro-Israel pro-American, pro-Western web readership from all over the place and I mean seriously, what could possibly be wrong with that?

So thanks for all your notes and the links. I try to answer every e-mail, even the vicious ones, but if you don't hear from me it's most likely because I'm really busy. That or I have filed you under my "Misc. Assholes" file (and trust me, you do not want to keep company with those folks), or my "Misc. Good Guys" file.


A couple of stories as I catch up.

This is probably the worst article I have ever read at City Journal. It is a piece of delusional crap, like total and utter dogsqueeze. 

This silly fool thinks that Jew-hatred is just not an issue in France.


This is willful blindness or naivety. I don't know which I hate more. Oh yes actually I do: willful blindness.

"The emigration of 7,000 French Jews each year, some argue, proves that being a Jew in France is unbearable. But this figure, representing about 1 percent of France’s Jewish population, is misleading, since it mixes together economic exiles (who are not only Jews) with those who, for religious reasons, wish to pursue their life in Israel, and perhaps some who fear the hostility of young Arabs."

You think? That's just the beginning. There will be a near to complete Exodus of Jews from France I can assure you.

Now an article about Twitter's new Safe Space Gulag. 

First of all, my opinion is that all "SAFE SPACES" are for pussies.

"Twitter is a private company, and it’s free to decide that it’s more important to make themselves into a “safe space” rather than a free space. But they have to face the consequences. In the process of trying to make a “safe” experience for certain kinds of users, they make it an unsafe experience for those who fall afoul of Twitter’s new guardians. Those people will leave for other forums that don’t restrict them."

"That’s a loss for Twitter. In trying to lure new users with promises of “safety,” the company risks destroying the sense of free-wheeling openness that attracted many of its existing users. Twitter has had a lot of trouble monetizing its user base, which is why the company’s stock is in trouble, but before it can make money from it users, it has to have users, and lots of them. Ask your friends on MySpace what happens when a social network stops being the place where everyone wants to hang out."

The pansification of Twitter (and it's complete train wreck of a fiscal position-related, no doubt) is further evidence of Kathy Shaidle's point that conservatives need their own social media infrastructure, and not-as both of us keep trying to point out, another f&cking conservative web site or news aggregator. 

Mark Steyn touches upon that, and many other points here, and do listen to the whole radio spot, it's fab.

Steyn says that safe spaces are where cultures go to die. True. 

He "must" share the stage with liberals. That makes the space saaaaaafe!

Alas, they picked the wrong Jew to tangle with, and Ben Shaprio is hitting back hard and hitting back hard: "See you there, snowflakes."

THAT is exactly the way to deal with the Safe Space S.S 

Here in Canada, as usual: "Safety" is the new shut up. 

No similar demands made, of course, of the pro-abortion students. 

More links to come, snowflakes.