Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Fagtacular "Top Street Looks" From NYC Fashion Week

Good grief. 

Out of 90 pictures, there are really very few that are even moderately attractive, and only one group shot that looks even remotely masculine.

If these are the "top street looks", all I can say is FEH. 

OK 41 is not terrible. The two guys in suits in 77, so so. Number 80 is sharp but too contrived and the group shot, number 90 has some nice items but it's also very effete.

And for real and not for joking, what's with the black guy in photo 1 wearing a talit like a cape?

Give me Paris "street looks" any day.

Not No Go Zone street looks, by the way like kefiyehs and body bags.

I mean REAL PARISIAN street looks.