Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Eurabia is Doomed Round Up

As I always say, what starts with thew Jews never ends with the Jews. 

That is why Islamic Jew-hatred and murder in Europe is not "just" about the Jews.

It's about Europe making a conscious choice to commit suicide via submission to Islam. It's a terribly frightening thing to observe from this side of the ocean. But luckily for us, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and his nutcase administration are doing their very best to ensure that we are also overwhelmed by waves of Syrian Muslim refugees, so we here in Canada are really just a decade or so away from European "diversity".

This is an instructive, common sense video that have very few views, which goes to show how little people understand about the fact that antisemitism says more about any given society and its culture, rather than the disgusting, single mind and rotted souls of individual Jew-haters.

Other related links:

Algerians pretty pissed that a Moroccan Jew has been appointed Minister of Culture-in France. 

The correct response to this is: nuts to you, mind your own grubby business. I mean what part of 'excuse me, as a former colony and present sh&thole, you don't get a say' is so very hard to understand?

From the UK: Oxford student leader resigns over leftists' "problem with Jews" on campus. 

More on that here. 

Elsewhere in Eurabia:

Jewish star of BBC show quits show because he doesn't feel safe, as a Jew, filming in Malmö, Sweden.

Hungary (balls!!!): Muslim invaders are a "horde of evil". 

Jews on the move-what that means for civilization. 

By the way this is the first mention that I have seen of the fact that Alexandra Mezher was a religious Christian, who faithfully wore a cross to work every day with the migrant "children" who are actually in their twenties.

"The details are still sketchy, but we know that Mezher was stabbed to death by a Somali man in his late 20s who lived at the facility where she worked, despite the home being geared exclusively to children between the ages of 13 and 17. The two had an altercation in the morning -- sources say it may have been related to the fact that Mezher, who came from a Lebanese Christian family, proudly wore a cross around her neck every day. The dispute got out of hand, resulting in the man pulling a knife and stabbing her multiple times."
Meanwhile in North America, the leftist media continues to lie-they are so good at lying and supporting evil. 

And my dear North Americans, don't be so smug and think that the problems are merely across the pond.

While law enforcement officials remain baffled by the "lone wolf" attack, it turns out that Mr. Lone Woolf is actually Mr. Known Wolf-again.